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The Agile Retrospectives Accelerator is developed by Luis Gonçalves

After writing my first book "Getting Value Out Of Agile Retrospectives" with Ben Linders I have been receiving a lot of feedback and requests to help Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches all over the world on this topic.

Based on this necessity I decided to create this accelerator to help Agile Retrospective Facilitators to become better facilitators. Here you will find different types of content to help you to master this discipline.


The very first step to stop with boring Agile Retrospectives.

Scrum Masters is time to end with boring Agile Retrospectives. This white paper contains 10 Exercises that will give you plenty of ideas to keep your Agile Retrospectives fresh and engaging.


In this FREE MASTERCLASS, we explain:

* The secret formula I used with all my teams and clients to create Agile Retrospectives that are fun, engaging and effective"

* Proven way to create a culture of collaboration and participation. You will never have complainers or people that do not participate in your Agile Retrospectives

* A simple but effective way to resolve problems that appear in the team Retrospectives but are outside of team power to resolve them.


What You Will Find Inside Of This Accelarator:

* A power-packed program that will teach you how to be an awesome Agile Retrospective Facilitator

* Know how to use the right exercises in different situations

* Learn how to design your own retrospectives

* Enhance your skills as an Agile Retrospective Facilitator

* Become an expert in facilitating Agile Retrospectives and maximise your team's effectiveness

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Agile Transformation Mastery is developed by Evolution4All

Agile Transformation Mastery is a program that was designed to help executive leaders to transform their traditional organisation into an Agile and fast company! While every organisation is different, there are common organisational paths to achieve agility, taking this into consideration evolution4all developed Agile Transformation Mastery to help you with your Agile Transformation.

Agile Transformation
Mastery Model

The Pillars Of The Agile Transformation Mastery Model

Every successful transformation starts with Awareness... At this stage evolution4all educates the Board Members and all the stakeholders. It's time to explain to everyone how the Agile Transformation will have bring great business advantages.

After the awareness is time to train everyone involved in the transformation. Many companies chose to train just the Product Owners and the Scrum Masters but we have a different approach.
We believe that we need to train everyone involved in the transformation.

The implementation is the longest phase and the hardest one. In this phase we coach and advise Product Owners, Scrum Masters and the overall organisation. We developed our own approaches to deliver this kind of work.

Agile Transformation

How To Successfully Run An Agile Transformation

Do you want to do an Agile Transformation but you do not know where to start? This roadmap will help you!

The Agile Transformation Roadmap was created based in several years of Agile transformations operated in Europe! 

Agile Transformation does not need to be painful if you know what are the steps that you should take! 

Download the Agile Transformation Roadmap to start your own transformation!

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