Agile Retrospective Accelerator

How To Make Agile Retrospectives Simple Yet Effective

The best and fastest way to improve your skills as an Agile Retrospectives facilitator is to learn from an experts who has learned the hard way - so you won´t have to!

What Is The "Agile Retrospectives Accelerator"

A step-by-step program that will teach you how to run effective and engaging Agile Retrospectives.
I am going to guide you during several modules in order to teach you how to run and facilitate awesome Agile Retrospectives

A compilation of techniques I've learned in my career
I spent several years of my life improving myself as an Agile Retrospective Facilitator. My first book "Getting Value Out Of Agile Retrospectives" was just the start. Now I have much more to offer.

Ideas that are worth hundreds of euros but are sold for a few euros 
The basic curriculum of this program is what I usually teach in a full-day workshop. Usually, I charge 800-1000€ per person. But since I am creating an online product out of it the price can be highly reduced.

An accelerator that will transform the way how your team thinks about Agile Retrospectives.
Get positive results in every team you handle, create an environment of collaboration, and help your team to understand how Agile Retrospectives are important and useful for them.

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After finishing the Agile Retrospectives Accelerator

as a Scrum Master you will get these benefits...

What An Agile Retrospectives Is And Why It Is Important
The first step to conducting awesome Agile Retrospectives is to learn its importance and definition.

The Business Value Of Agile Retrospectives
Know why Agile Retrospectives are important in your business and what happens without them.

How To Recover With A Team That Hates Retrospectives
Learn how can you turn the ship around. Many teams hate Agile Retrospectives, in this program, you will have a module just to help you to recover from this problem.

How To Design Your Own Retrospective
Learn the secrets to customizing retrospectives to what works for your team.

How You Can Enhance Your Skills As An Agile Retrospective Facilitator
Become an expert in facilitating Agile Retrospectives and maximize your team´s effectiveness.

The Different Retrospective Exercises You Can Add To Your Toolkit
A good Agile Retrospective Facilitator has a wide range of exercises to use and I will help you master them.